We Save Lives . . . One Project at a Time.


The We Save Lives Mission

We Save Lives is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives and making a profound difference in the world, one project at a time. What started as a vision to use our business skills and influence for a greater purpose, developed into a mission to provide tangible help to people in desperate situations. We choose strategic projects globally and locally where we can make the most impact. Whether we are building vegetable gardens for AIDS orphans in Africa, equipping the library of a Chicago elementary school with new books or helping a single Mom with cancer, our goal is the same… We save lives.


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We Save Lives has an ongoing partnership with Children’s Cup and the CarePoints project. Throughout southern Africa, Children’s Cup works to establish CarePoint centers in remote villages to save the lives of thousands of vulnerable children. The local CarePoint center provides essential physical, spiritual and educational support to orphans and their caregivers. The CarePoint Christmas celebrations help bring joy to children living in extreme poverty.